As Microsoft’s financials have come into light for this quarter, we’ve finally gotten a look at the Microsoft gaming revenue for this quarter. Unfortunately, it’s down by 7%. 

As the year comes to a close and the generation winds down, the company’s gaming income is decreasing as fans eagerly await Project Scarlett.

Compared to last quarter, Microsoft’s overall gaming revenue is down by 7%. Presumably this is down to the company’s lack of hardware sales; while straightforward units sold are unaccounted for, Microsoft’s financials say that hardware revenue is down by 34%.

For those who care about a billion-dollar company’s slightly lowered revenue, the company’s revenue in FY20 Q1 was $2.542 billion compared to $2.738 billion in FY19 Q1.

Xbox’s content and services revenue actually hasn’t really changed at all. With the company offering numerous subscription services, the amount of new subscribers and leaving subscribers have evened each other out. Surprisingly, for this quarter, this section of the company’s financials haven’t shifted at all.

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