Microsoft takes ownership of the development of the PyTorch for Windows from Facebook

July 28, 2020
Microsoft PyTorch Windows

Along with the PyTorch 1.6 announcement, Facebook today announced that Microsoft has expanded its participation in the PyTorch community. Microsoft will take the ownership of the development and maintenance of the PyTorch build for Windows from Facebook. Due to several issues, Windows support for PyTorch has lagged behind other platforms like Linux and macOS. Microsoft taking ownership of the project will improve PyTorch support on Windows.

The PyTorch 1.6 release comes with the following improvements:

  • Improved the core quality of the Windows build by bringing test coverage up to par with Linux for core PyTorch and its domain libraries and by automating tutorial testing.
  • Thanks to the broader PyTorch community, which contributed TorchAudio support to Windows, new test coverage added to all three domain libraries: TorchVision, TorchText and TorchAudio.
  • Thanks to GPU support on WSL2, users can run native Linux based PyTorch applications on Windows unmodified without the need for a traditional virtual machine or a dual boot setup.

Source: Pytorch

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