Microsoft pushes US Election info via Windows Search, even if you are outside USA

The upcoming US Elections are of global importance and import, but I assume citizens from other countries are not actually allowed to vote on who will lead the United States of America for the next 4 years.

This has not stopped Microsoft from pushing US Election registration information to Windows 10 users around the world via the Windows 1o Search console, however.


WindowsTimes reports that the new banner now takes pride of place, unprompted, in the Windows 10 Search console, replacing the previous COVID-19 link.

The banner urges users to register to vote and offers information on registration deadlines and how to check your registration status, via Bing’s well-developed voter registration page.

While the information is probably a bit untargeted, it is pretty clear a larger election turn-out will result in a better outcome, and if you don’t like the banner, clicking on the x will dismiss it permanently.

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