Microsoft is providing $3 million in cloud credits to the NSF-supported Big Data program



The National Science Foundation (NSF) recently announced the participation of cloud providers, including Microsoft, in its flagship research program on big data (BIGDATA). Microsoft will provide cloud credits/resources to qualifying NSF-funded projects, enabling researchers to obtain access to state-of-the-art cloud resources. Microsoft has committed an additional $3 million in cloud credits.

The BIGDATA program encourages experimentation with real datasets; demonstration of the scalability of approaches; and development of evaluation plans that include evaluation of scalability and performance among competing methods on benchmark datasets—all of which will require significant storage, compute, and networking resources, which can be provided by the cloud vendors through their participation.

The minimum request for cloud resources for any BIGDATA proposal, regardless of the NSF budget request, may be $100,000 to serve the program objective of large-scale experimentation and impact. Participants who request Microsoft cloud resources can compute their anticipated cloud spend on through the Azure pricing calculator.

“We have enabled hundreds of data scientists and researchers with research project grants awarded through our Azure for Research Data Science program. We look forward to our participation in the NSF BIGDATA solicitation to enable larger collaborative projects,” said Jim Pinkelman, senior director, Microsoft Research.

Learn more about NSF’s program here.

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