Microsoft promises 100,000 Metro-style apps in only 3 months

imageMicrosoft has expressed a somewhat irrational confidence in the prospects of Windows 8 and its new UI environment.

Microsoft Vice President Keith Lorizio told that Microsoft expected to have 400 million Windows 8 PCs in the market by July 1st.

“When Windows 8 goes live on October 26, the [size of the market] is [over] 1 billion consumers. Our goal … is conservatively over 400 million units in the marketplace by July 1.” This would be even faster than Windows 7, a very successful desktop OS, sold.

He also this explosive growth in the new platform to also boost developer interest.

“We’re expecting to aggressively pursue [delivering] 100,000+ apps [to Windows 8’s online marketplace] over the first three months,” he said.

The Windows Store just crossed 3600 apps recently, with around 5000 apps expected at the launch of Windows  8 on October 26th.

Microsoft expected this rapid growth due to the new focus on consumers rather than business.

“Windows 8 is going to be a really special experience,” he says. “Prior to now … we never had the operating system engaged in that [consumer-oriented] ecosystem. Now, with Windows 8, it’s not just pivoting around productivity, which every Windows release has been known for; we’re now going to pivot off the consumer.”

“There are three things that [will] make Windows 8 a guaranteed success,” he added. “It’s the massive marketplace [of PC users]. It’s about providing the same experiences across all devices in the Microsoft family—not just across the PC, but across mobile, across Xbox, and across the phone. And third, we’re going to have beautiful, relevant, and personal ads. So all of the ads are going to be integrated; they’re not going to be disruptive to the user experience, but beautiful, relevant, and useful.”

If only 10% of these sales are for hybrid and tablet computers Microsoft would have placed a major stake in the tablet market, disrupting it massively.

Lets hope Lorizio is right.


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