Microsoft Prediction Lab Launches New Interactive Platform To Showcase Ongoing Work

Microsoft Prediction lab

Microsoft Prediction Lab has launched a new website-based showcase and laboratory for the ongoing work of David Rothschild, a Microsoft researcher and leading expert in a new kind of data-driven predictive methodology.

In the Microsoft Prediction Lab you can make predictions about upcoming events and view the combined predictions of the crowd.

  1. Predict the 2014 U.S. Elections and other topics including Foreign Affairs,
    Social Issues, and Science and Technology.
  2. Challenge your friends and compete with other teams to see who is best
    at forecasting the future.
  3. Follow your predictions as events unfold.

The idea is to collect data quickly and update it as often as possible.

This interactive platform houses all of the predictive efforts Rothschild has been featuring on his blog and in academic journals and presentations. Microsoft Prediction Lab displays his predictions — some of them updated in real time — in a wide range of fields, from sports and entertainment to politics and economics.

Rothschild sees the new platform as “a great laboratory for researchers” as well as “a very socialized experience” for interested users. Among other contests, he plans to predict the results of every upcoming U.S. House, Senate, and gubernatorial race. Users will be able to customize views on the site based on their geographic location and their interests.

via: Microsoft