Microsoft pop-up stores coming to retail locations all over USA


Microsoft has decided that they need to tell their own story in retail instead of relying on retailers such as BestBuy and WalMart and AT&T to place their wares in the best light.

The major part of their strategy has been the Microsoft Stores, but at present there are only 20 in the USA.

To reach more consumers Microsoft will be opening at least 12 additional pop-up stores this holiday season in locations such as San Francisco, Chicago, New York and Miami, Natick, Mass.; Braintree, Mass.; St. Louis; Vancouver, Canada; Cleveland; Portland, Ore.; and San Antonio.

The stores will be pushing Microsoft’s new generation of devices, including Surface tablets and Windows Phone 8 handsets.

Eventually Microsoft intends to open 75 permanent stores around the country and also expand overseas into new markets.