Microsoft Planning To Build Mapping Infrastructure Of Towns In Brazil

Bing Brazil Rio Map

Microsoft Bing team is planning to tap the potential of local businesses in developing nations like Brazil where maps are not available in the way they are available in countries like USA, UK, etc,. A Microsoft team in Brazil has started a project to start building out this mapping infrastructure in the town of favelas and the team is seeking to build the necessary infrastructure to enable the many parties necessary for the communities to fully participate in the digital town square in ways that many of us in the developed online world take for granted.

In places like Johannesburg and Rio, millions of people live in shantytowns and favelas – homes that literally don’t show up on the map. Less than one percent of these major urban settlements have been mapped. While these people may not have formal addresses they are not sitting on the sidelines of technology. For instance, smartphone penetration in Brazil is estimated to be up 34% year over year. At Bing, we think there is a huge opportunity to help. That’s why we are taking part in the Global Innovation Summit this week in San Jose, CA. The event brings together NGOs, governments and subject matter experts to explore how we can help accelerate the untapped potential in these communities.

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Source: Bing