Microsoft planning a mega Live Tile display at upcoming Mango event


29, 2011

Microsoft is reaching out to developers interested in helping them promote Live Tile apps at an upcoming Mango event. The display will be more impressive than the one from MIX 11 above.

The dynamic tiles will be featured on a single large screen constructed of 3 individual screens, and “will update at a relatively frequent pace, providing the experience of live tiles in action.”

We are expecting the Mango Windows Phone 7 emulator to be released in May, and this may be the event Microsoft is referring to. The email to developers did not reveal the date of the event, but given the deadline for submission (28/4/2011) is so close the event is likely not far off.

Live Tiles are significantly expanded in Windows Phone 7, with apps able to have multiple Live Tiles which can be double sided and be updated directly from apps, and also “deep link” into applications.

See the email after the break.

I am reaching out to you to gauge your interest in having your app participate in an upcoming Mango event. If you are interested in participating, please reply by Thursday of this week (April 28, 2011); we will need to receive the files by noon PDT on Thursday, May 4.

As a Windows Phone developer, you are likely aware that we unveiled the developer platform for the next major release of the Windows Phone, codenamed  Mango . We have an upcoming event where we would like to feature your app as part of a wall of live tiles display to highlight the interactivity of the Windows Phone. For this display, we will be using a series of three screens, side-by-side, to create a single logical screen that demonstrates a subset of WP7 app live tile in action. The live tiles on the screens will update at a relatively frequent pace, providing the experience of live tiles in action.

If you have an app (or apps) that you want to include in this live tile display, please respond to this email by Thursday (April 28, 2011) just so I know you are interested. Then, upload the ZIP file (described above) no later than noon (PDT) on Thursday, May 4th using the following:

I realize this is short notice but this opportunity has just come up and I want to extend the opportunity to you to show off your Live Tile vision at the event.

Thanks anon for the tip.

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