Microsoft Phone Data Manager – native sync for all your phones

Microsoft Phone Data Manager Beta, a product of Microsoft India, is a sync application designed for Windows that is designed to take away the worry of losing data on your phone – specifically contacts, music, pictures and videos. It does that by synchronizing your phone contacts with Microsoft’s Windows Live Contacts store in the cloud, or by helping you download files from the phone to your local computer. The application is cross platform and works with a variety of phones, both smart and dumb.

Phone Data Manager synchronizes the contacts present in your phone with your contact store on Windows Live Contacts, which is the same store that your Hotmail contacts uses. This way, your phone contacts are always present on the internet, accessible via the contacts link on Hotmail. If you lose, or simply change your phone, all you need to do is to synchronize the contacts, and all the contacts that you stored in your Windows Live Contacts store will be downloaded to your phone. You can synchronize your contacts as many times as you like so that the changes you make (edits, additions or deletions) on your phone, or on the computer on Windows Live Contacts are always reflected on both your phone and the Windows Live Contacts store.

In its current form, Microsoft Phone Data Manager Beta will download the music, pictures and videos present in your phone to a local folder on the computer you are using this application on.

Microsoft Phone Data Manager Beta works either over Bluetooth or via a USB cable. In order for your phone to work with this application, the phone needs to support some common standards. For contacts synchronization, your phone needs to support the SyncML standard, and for file download it needs to support OBEX. A list of supported phones can be found here.

Read more and download the application here.