Microsoft Patents Touch Sensitive Bezels In Tablets With Display In It

Microsoft Bezel Patent

In various mobile devices, such as tablet PCs, hand-held devices, and small multi-screen devices, include wide bezels to enable a user to hold the device without accidentally touching the combined display and touch screen. Even with the inclusion of a wide bezel, however, accidental touches can occur. When a user accidentally touches the screen, for instance, the device may perform undesired actions because it is unable to distinguish between an intentional touch by the user and an accidental touch by the user while the user is holding the device.

A recent Microsoft patent is trying to solve this issue with touch sensors in the bezel.

Touch-sensitive bezel techniques are described. Touch sensors are located in a bezel portion and a display portion of a display device of a computing device. The touch sensors detect a touch input and are used to determine, based on characteristics of the touch input, a likelihood that a user does not intend to interact with the computing device. Various factors can be used in determining the likelihood that the user does not intend to interact with the computing device. The  location of a centroid of the touch input is one such factor.

In at least some implementations, the bezel portion has display capabilities such that when a touch input is detected, the display capabilities in a region of the bezel portion can be made active to cause a menu to be displayed in the region of the bezel.

This is really an interesting patent, and I hope Microsoft brings this technology into Surface line up of products soon.

Source: USPTO via: walkingcat