Microsoft Patents Technologies Related To Auto-Stereoscopic Augmented Reality Display

Microsoft Augumented Reality Glass

A Microsoft patent filed back in December today became public which is titled “AUTO-STEREOSCOPIC AUGMENTED REALITY DISPLAY”. Microsoft describes that tablets, handheld devices and other computing devices can be included with this AR display technology. The main thing here is that the display will include see-through wave guide built using switchable diffractive elements such as SBGs. Using this technology, a virtual image that is generated as a near display object can be made to appear in a distance in AR environment. It is achieved by displaying two different images to left and right eyes, so avoiding the special needs of a additional 3D wear.


In embodiments of an auto-stereoscopic augmented reality display, the display device is implemented with an imaging structure that includes a waveguide for see-through viewing of an environment. The waveguide also transmits light of a virtual image that is generated as a near-display object to appear at a distance in the environment. The imaging structure includes switchable diffractive elements that are integrated in the waveguide and configured in display zones. The switchable diffractive elements are switchable to independently activate the display zones effective to correct for an accurate stereopsis view of the virtual image that appears at the distance in the environment.

Source: USPTO

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