Microsoft Patents Social Network Rewards,Notifications For External Updates And More


In embodiments, various technologies for notifying users of a social network service of updates to services external to the social network service by members of the social network are described. An indication that a member of a social network service made an update to an external service can be received. Then, at least one additional member associated with the member in the social network service can be notified of the update to the external service. The external service may include typical web services, such as a blogging service, a video sharing service, or a photo sharing service.


Social network reward techniques are described. In an implementation, a method implemented by at least one computing device includes obtaining data that describes users’ interaction with a social network service and determining influence of one or more said users on other said users via the social network service from the obtained data. A reward is computed based on the determined influence for at least one said user.


An interactive display system configured for detecting an object or user input provided with an object. The system includes a display surface on which graphic images are displayed, one or more scanning light sources configured for scanning the interactive display surface, and a light detector configured for detecting light reflected from an object that is adjacent to or in contact with the interactive display surface. A computing system storing machine instructions is in communication with the scanning light source and the light detector. When executed, the machine instructions cause the computing system to illuminate the interactive display surface with the scanning light source, to detect light with the light detector that is reflected from an object after illumination with the light source, and to generate an output signal based on the detected light that has been reflected from an object on or adjacent to the interactive display surface.


One or more techniques and/or systems are disclosed herein for backing up in-memory working store data. A first server in a plurality of connected servers detects a data change for a key-value pair the distributed in-memory working store. The first server determines a backup location for storing a copy of the key-value pair, which is comprised on a backup location server from the plurality of connected servers, by using a key from the key-value pair to identify the backup location server, and determine if the backup location server is available to store the backup copy. The first server sends the backup copy to the backup location server without prior permission from the backup location server and without subsequent feedback from the backup location server concerning the sending of the backup copy.