Microsoft Patents Pinning Tabs In A Tabbed Browser And Many Interesting Ideas



The present invention provides a three-dimensional user interface for a computer system that allows a user to combine and store a group of windows as a task. The image of each task can be positioned within a three-dimensional environment such that the user may utilize spatial memory in order remember where a particular task is located.

System and Method for Pinning Tabs in a Tabbed Browser

The techniques and mechanisms described herein are directed to a method for pinning a tab in a tabbed browser. Briefly stated, browsing software is configured to recognize a "pin" event, such as a hot key, a menu selection, and the like. Upon recognizing the pin event, the browsing software splits a display screen into a pinned window and a tabbed window. The tabbed window displays one or more open tabs and the content of the currently in focus tab. The pinned window may display content that was previously displayed within one of the tabs in the tabbed window or may display new content. The browsing software may configure the navigation of the pinned window differently than the navigation for the tabs in the tabbed window.

Sending and receiving electronic business cards

Graphical visual representations of electronic business cards may be generated from associated contact file information. Electronic business cards may be sent and received over digital media. Contacts information associated with received electronic business cards may be used for adding to or updating information contained in a recipient’s electronic contact files.

Web translation provider

A web translation server discovers a document address for a document. The document is accessed and parsed for text data in a first language. The parsed text data is translated into text data in a second language and stored in a database. A client accesses the document and sends a request including the document address to the web translation server. The translated text data in the second language is retrieved from the database based on the document address and sent to the client. The client renders the translated text data in the second language.

Visual simulation of touch pressure

The simulation of touch pressure on a touch-sensitive display is disclosed. In one disclosed embodiment, a touch pressure is simulated on a touch-sensitive display by detecting inputs corresponding to each of an untouched display and two or more measures of touch pressure, and displaying images on the display corresponding to the untouched display and each measure of touch pressure. In this manner, a user may be provided with a richer visual response to a touch-sensitive display input.

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