Microsoft Patents Personalizing Search Results Based On Search History And More Interesting Things

Snipping tool :

Systems and methods for capturing content and performing operations associated with the content are described. A stylus or other pointing device may be used designate content to be captured. After content is designated, a new window is generated that includes the designated content and user interface elements for annotating, conveying or otherwise acting upon the designated content.

Virtual skywriting :

Users with mobile computing devices author skywriting and submit them to a virtual skywriting service. A mobile computing device having wireless network access is configured to capture a digital image of a real world scene including sky. The image is captured while the mobile computing device is in a geographical location or area. While the mobile computing device is still in the geographical location or area, it transmits via the wireless network a request for virtual skywriting. The request is received by a skywriting service that obtains or determines the geographical location/area that the computing device is in or near. The skywriting service selects a skywriting from among the previously submitted skywritings; the skywriting may be selected based on its having been entered at or associated with the geographical location. The mobile device receives the virtual skywriting from the service and displays a version of the digital image with the virtual skywriting added to the sky in the version of the digital image. Either the service or the mobile device may render the skywriting onto the image. Various effects may be applied in rendering the skywriting to give it realistic or vapor-like appearance.

Personalizing a search results page based on search history

A system and method for personalizing a search results mix based on a user’s search history. A system monitors the types of search results that the user frequently accesses. A default search results page can then be modified according to the frequency in which the user accesses certain search results. The modified search results page can then be presented to the user upon the submission of a search request.

Apart from the above, Microsoft have got many patents for Windows Phone UI design. Right from Phone call UI, IE tabs switching UI, people Hub list, transition effect when opening an hub, soft keyboard,etc,.

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