Microsoft Patents Meeting Lobby For Web Conferencing And More

Meeting lobby for web conferencing

A conferencing system provides the scheduling of virtual meetings with meeting lobbies so that a meeting presenter can conduct a virtual meeting without the need to send out invitations to attendees. A person that wants to conduct a virtual meeting can schedule with the conferencing system a meeting with a meeting lobby. The meeting lobby has an address, but there is no associated privileged information, such as a meeting password. Would-be meeting attendees use the meeting lobby address to enter the meeting lobby as visitors in the lobby, and request to enter the meeting from the meeting lobby. A meeting presenter can then either grant authorization for a visitor in the meeting lobby to enter the meeting, or deny authorization for a visitor in the meeting lobby to enter the meeting. If a visitor in the meeting lobby is denied authorization to enter the meeting from the meeting lobby, the conferencing system removes the visitor from the meeting lobby.

I think the following two patents are related to Microsoft Surface.

Rear-projection display

Various embodiments related to rear-projection image display are disclosed. For example, one disclosed embodiment provides a projector for projecting an image and a screen configured to display the image. The screen comprises a filter layer having a light reception side and an image display side. The filter layer includes an array of trapezoidal transmissive elements and an array of trapezoidal absorption elements, where a wider base of each of the trapezoidal transmissive elements faces the light reception side of the filter layer, and where a wider base of each of the trapezoidal absorption elements faces the image display side of the filer layer.

Diffusing screen

Various embodiments related to a rear projection display screen configured to reduce an intensity of light at a viewing angle at which the light is less likely to be viewed by a user are disclosed. One disclosed embodiment provides a diffusing screen comprising a sheet-like structure transparent to one or more wavelengths of light. The sheet-like structure has a viewing surface and comprises a diffusing pattern configured to create destructive interference of a selected wavelength of light traveling in a direction normal to a plane of the viewing surface of the screen.

Auxiliary display unit for a computer system

A host computer is provided with a main display unit and an auxiliary display unit. The host computer can free up screen space on the main display screen by routing certain types of display information to the auxiliary display unit for display. Display information can range from notification of events such as receipt of email, appointments, system messages, and information from separate applications. The auxiliary display panel may function as a user interface for audio, video, "push information", MP3 player or become the hardware equivalent of a multimedia player. The auxiliary display panel may be integrated together with the host computer in the same physical structure or may be part of a standalone display unit that is wired or wirelessly coupled to the host computer.

High-speed internal wireless bus

Multiple computing devices are connected together using a high-speed wireless link. The wireless link enables expansion of available resources to the host device, such as one or more of volatile memory resources, non-volatile memory resources, and additional processor resources.

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