Microsoft Patents Learning Transportation Modes From Raw GPS data And More

Learning transportation modes from raw GPS data

Described is a technology by which raw GPS data is processed into segments of a trip, with a predicted mode of transportation (e.g., walking, car, bus, bicycling) determined for each segment. The determined transportation modes may be used to tag the GPS data with transportation mode information, and/or dynamically used. Segments are first characterized as walk segments or non-walk segments based on velocity and/or acceleration. Features corresponding to each of those walk segments or non-walk segments are extracted, and analyzed with an inference model to determine probabilities for the possible modes of transportation for each segment. Post-processing may be used to modify the probabilities based on transitioning considerations with respect to the transportation mode of an adjacent segment. The most probable transportation mode for each segment is selected.

User notification system with an illuminated computer input device

A user notification system and a computer input device, such as a mouse. The computer input device includes an illumination member that enables a user to quickly and accurately position the input device during poor lighting conditions and determine whether the computer is ON. The input device includes a housing and an illumination device that is supported by the housing. Illumination from the illumination device is visible when the input device is placed on a supporting surface. The illumination member is also used to notify the user if one or more of various events have occurred in a computer application being run on the computer. The notification information is presented to the user by changing the state of the illumination member. An example of event for notification includes the receipt of a message in a communications program such as an e-mail message. The notification can make the illumination member blink as a function of the number of messages received. This enables information to be conveyed to the user without the need for text or audio, and without the need to view the computer monitor.

Provisioning of wireless connectivity for devices using NFC

The claimed subject matter provides a system and/or a method that facilitates connecting a wireless device to a secure network. A device can establish a near field communication link with a verified device on a network, wherein the near field communication link can be a secure and/or encrypted link to provision the device without comprising security constraints within the network. An installation component can invoke the transfer of provisioning data to the network via the near filed communication link to secure a wireless connection for the device to the network.

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