Microsoft Patents Kids Corner And Universal Call UX Feature In Windows Phone 8

Microsoft has applied for patents for two key features in Windows Phone platform. The first one in the unified calling experience where any 3rd party app can use phone’s calling UX with its own branding. The second one is the Kids Corner feature that allows you to create a new section in your phone specifically for kids that is isolated from the actual phone contents.

Windows Phone call UI patent 1


VoIP calls associated with VoIP applications installed on a mobile computing device are treated similar to calls not associated with installed VoIP applications. VoIP applications invoke the same native incoming call user interface that is invoked when a mobile device detects an incoming call that is not associated with an installed VoIP application. Mobile devices can simultaneously host a VoIP call and a call not associated with an installed VoIP application while a mobile device is locked. A reduced call user interface is displayed while a mobile device is simultaneously hosting multiple calls. Selection of the reduced call user interface causes the mobile device to make the active call the inactive call and vice versa. The reduced call user interface is managed by the mobile device operating system.


Kids Corner Windows Phone

In embodiments of mobile device child share, a mobile device can display a default device lock screen on an integrated display device, and receive an input effective to transition from the default device lock screen to display a child lock screen without receiving a PIN code entered on the default device lock screen. The mobile device can receive a second input effective to transition from the child lock screen to display a child space. The mobile device implements a device share service that activates a child share mode of the mobile device, and restricts functionality of device applications and access to device content based on designated restriction limits.

Hopefully the patents, if granted, will dissuade copycats like Samsung, who have already added a Kids Corner-like feature called Kids Mode to their latest phone, from stealing even more.

Source: USPTO

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