Microsoft Patents Keyboard With Input-Sensitive Display Device And More

Keyboard with Input-Sensitive Display Device

An input/output device is disclosed that includes an input-sensitive display screen and alphanumeric keys for entering characters. The input-sensitive display screen may be positioned proximate the alphanumeric keys and be capable of displaying graphical information and sensing user selection of the graphical information. The input-sensitive display screen may include a combination display/input region and a non-display input region. The touch sensitive display screen may be detachable from the alphanumeric region and may be operable in a detached configuration. The input/output device may usable with a method of input correction. The method may include displaying, on a secondary display, a first text unit, such as a character or a word, which corresponds with a second text unit shown on a primary display screen of a computing device. The method further involves receiving user selection of the first text unit and replacing the first text unit with a second text unit.


The invention discloses a system and method for integrating user interfaces (UI) within an application. The invention can be configured to display an UI of a second application within a first application in a manner that the user cannot identify that the second application’s UI is displayed on top of a reference window within the first application. The invention can be configured to identify a reference window that is to be replaced by a replacement window of the second application, monitor the reference window, create the replacement window, and align the replacement window over top of the reference window.

Systems and methods for scheduling appointment reminders are based on multiple conditions including estimated travel time. An estimate of the time needed to travel between the user’s location and the location of the appointment cam be determined by retrieving location information from a global address list (GAL), a local address book of a calendaring application, from a map service, or other location determining technology. Users can subscribe to alert service to receive information regarding recent events such as traffic problems, flight delays, weather conditions, etc., which is then used in setting or modifying reminder times. Notifications can be generated for timing conflicts based on the estimated travel time. If the estimated travel time would require the user to leave a previous appointment early, or be late for a subsequent appointment, a notification can be generated to the user.

An object model is provided that allows .NET developers to customize the Office Ribbon user interface according to a .NET Ribbon model rather than the Ribbon XML/callback model of Office applications. The .NET Ribbon model implements the IRibbonExtensibility interface and provides properties and events for Ribbon components. At runtime, the .NET Ribbon model generates and provides an Office application or document with the XML needed to render the custom Ribbon user interface. A visual designer tool uses the .NET Ribbon model to provide .NET developers with a component view architecture that allows developers to set component properties and generate events.

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