Microsoft Patents Embedding Geotagged Images In Street Level Imagery(Bing Streetside Photos) And More



A system for displaying hybrid image data produced by embedding additional media objects within street-level panoramic images includes a user interface through which a user may view, search for, and/or navigate through additional media objects in the context of browsing a virtual environment of a location at street level. In response to user input indicating a request to view a geographic location and/or an additional media object, street-level panoramic image data associated with the geographic location, in which one or more additional media objects also associated with the geographic location have been embedded, may be provided for display through the user interface. The user interface may be provided by a client device including one or more processors that receive hybrid image data produced by one or more processors of a server and display the image data to the user.

Automated Acquisition of Facial Images

Described is a technology by which medical patient facial images are acquired and maintained for associating with a patient’s records and/or other items. A video camera may provide video frames, such as captured when a patient is being admitted to a hospital. Face detection may be employed to clip the facial part from the frame. Multiple images of a patient’s face may be displayed on a user interface to allow selection of a representative image. Also described is obtaining the patient images by processing electronic documents (e.g., patient records) to look for a face pictured therein.


In a gesture-based system, gestures may control aspects of a computing environment or application, where the gestures may be derived from a user’s position or movement in a physical space. Gesture recognition data, used to recognize gestures from captured data representative of a user’s input gestures, may be evolved based on captured data from a plurality of users. A common set or default set of gesture recognition data may be evolved by selecting a plurality of users for tracking. Captured data of the plurality of users may be processed to identify input gesture data for the plurality of users, and the gesture recognition data may be evolved based on features of the input gesture data that is common to multiple users. The evolved gesture recognition data may be implemented not only for the users tracked, but for users not tracked. An identifier may identify when the evolved gesture recognition data applies and implement the evolved gesture recognition data when the identifier is present.

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