Microsoft Patents Contextually-Appropriate Task Reminders In Devices

Microsoft Context Aware Reminders
Contextually-appropriate task reminders are nothing new in 2014 as digital assitants like Google Now and Microsoft’s Cortana already does that. Even though Cortana was released just few months back, Microsoft had this idea of context aware notifications years ago, for example this particular patent was filed back in 2011. The task reminders will be modified based on user’s time, location, tasks ahead, and several other factors.


A computing device learns over time how to identify task reminders that are most likely to be helpful to a user in different contexts. The task reminders can remind the user of activities that the user needs to do. The computing device displays a graphical user interface (GUI) that contains the task reminders identified as being most likely to be helpful to the user in the user’s current context. The computing device updates the task reminders in the GUI as the user’s context changes. In this way, the computing device can present task reminders that are likely to be currently helpful to the user while suppressing task reminders that are less likely to be helpful to the user at the current time.

You can read more about this patent here.