Microsoft Patents Auto-Suggest Lists On Handwritten Input, 3D Object Modelling From Single Imagery And More

Here are some of the interesting patents Microsoft got awarded today.

Digitally certified stationery

Systems and methods for digitally certified stationery are described. In one aspect, a stationery granting authority (SGA) receives a request from a user to generate a document. If the user is authorized for the requested document, the SGA generates a certificate with credentialing information from data in the request. The SGA generates a first digital signature from some of the credentialing information. The SGA communicates the certificate to the user for editing and distribution as the document. A recipient of the document determines whether the document is "official" by contacting a specified service to provide certain information from the document. The verification service computes a second digital signature from the provided information for comparison to the first digital signature. If there is a match, the service notifies the recipient that the document is valid/official. Otherwise, the recipient is notified that the document is not valid.

Auto-suggest lists and handwritten input

An interface is provided between a handwriting receiving panel and an auto complete process. A user writes onto the handwriting receiving panel which recognizes the handwritten text. The handwritten text is forwarded to the auto complete process which provides suggested content to the user based on the handwritten text. The user can select the suggested content for use with another application. Alternatively, the user may add additional information to the handwriting receiving panel to enable the auto complete process to provide more or different suggested content.

Voice initiated network operations

Embodiments of voice initiated network operations are presented herein. Voice initiation of operations is described which may be utilized to assist a user in performing operations, such as when other input mechanisms are undesirable, inconvenient, or impossible. A user provides speech to a client device. The speech is converted to text. The text is used to perform operations and obtain results.

Input device having a presence sensor

A system and method for reducing power consumption of a wireless input device is disclosed. The input device may convert between a high power state and a low power state. In the high power state, a transmitter and light sources are activated, whereas both the transmitter and the light sources are deactivated in the low power state. Following a period of inactivity in which neither a key sensor for activatable keys nor a presence sensor for the user transmit input, the input device may convert from the high power state to the low power state to conserve energy. When the presence sensor detects the presence of the user, however, the input converts to the high power state wherein the transmitter and the light sources are activated.

System, computer program and method for 3D object measurement, modeling and mapping from single imagery

Methods, computer programs, and computer systems facilitate deriving three-dimensional measurement information and/or creating three-dimensional models and maps, from single images of three-dimensional objects. Aspects of the invention include obtaining at least one two-dimensional single image of the object, deriving three-dimensional coordinate information associated with the image, and obtaining three-dimensional measurements based on projection and/or shadow measurements of the object and metadata derived from the single image. In another aspect of the method, the method includes the further step of creating three-dimensional models or maps based on the projection and/or shadow measurements.

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