Microsoft partners with Samsung for Windows 10 and the Internet of Things

January 7, 2016


During Samsung’s keynote at CES, Terry Myerson from Microsoft joined Samsung President Dr. Won-Pyo Hong to announce their renewed partnership and a commitment to joint innovation. Apart from working on Windows 10 devices, Microsoft and Samsung are partnering on Internet of Things.

Along with Samsung, we share a common vision for millions and millions of devices and Things all communicating together using open protocols and standards within inclusive ecosystems, inspiring the creativity of software developers, device manufacturers, and rising star Makers around the world. CES is a perfect event to showcase ideas that we’re collectively exploring and today we were honored to showcase how Windows 10 is the ideal platform for intelligent IoT devices. Our demo on stage highlighted Windows 10 and Samsung IoT-ready appliances working together through a potential scenario of openness and collaboration, creating a future where people have more choice and ultimately can be more productive at home.

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