Microsoft partners with Cisco to connect Azure IoT Suite with Cisco Fog deployments

At the IoT World Forum in London, Microsoft and Cisco announced that they are working together to develop the hybrid IoT solutions that businesses need to ensure the scalable, economical and secure execution of their IoT services. As part of this partnership, Azure IoT Suite can now connect to and interoperate with Cisco Fog deployments. This will enable businesses to build and host their IoT applications in Azure, while extending the power of those applications to the edge via Cisco’s Fog computing solutions.

Businesses can also optimize their IoT deployment costs by only sending the necessary information to the cloud, while processing the rest at the edge. This is not the first time Microsoft has collaborated with Cisco in the IoT space. Previously, they worked on integrating the Cisco Jasper connectivity management platform into the Azure IoT Hub.  They also partnered in the launch of the Microsoft IoT & AI Insider Labs.

Learn more about this partnership here.

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