The more we become dependent on the Internet, the easier it becomes for the attackers to steal our data which include login credentials, credit card details, and other important personal information. Phishing is a type of social engineering that the attackers use all the time to steal important information. In simple words, attackers trick you to open email or text messages or instant messages, and once you open them, you become a victim.

Now, in an effort to mitigate the pervasive nature of Phishing attacks, Microsoft is going to let Outlook users report Phishing messages. This will enable Microsoft to take necessary actions quickly, as a result of which Outlook will be a safer place. Microsoft is going to add the feature in the next update of Outlook for Android. And it should also come to Outlook for iOS in the near future.

Microsoft added a number of important features to the Outlook app on Android in the course of the last few months. The company recently introduced Actionable Messages to Outlook for Android. This feature allows a manager to easily approve or decline a leave approval email within the Outlook app. It added another new feature, which enables you to confirm an invitation to a meeting without opening the Outlook app — you’ll be able to do that right from the push notification that appears on the lock screen of your Android smartphone.

Microsoft Outlook is one of the most successful Microsoft apps that are available on Android. The app recently crossed the 100M installations on the Play Store. This is an impressive number considering the fact that the Gmail app comes pre-installed in pretty much every Android smartphone.

You can download and install Microsoft Outlook on your Android smartphone from this link, or you can head over to Google Play Store and search for the app.