Microsoft Opens Innovation Lounge At 1776 Start-up Hub In Washington, D.C.


22, 2014

Microsoft Innovation Lounge 1776

Microsoft and 1776 last year announced a partnership agreement that will bring Microsoft’s industry, business, and technical resources to the world’s most promising startups in the heart of Washington, DC. Today, they announced the opening of Microsoft Innovation Lounge at 1776 in Washington. Judson Althoff, president of Microsoft North America, and Donna Harris, co-founder of 1776 helped in creating this new project.

Microsoft expects that this new Innovation Lounge will be used and leveraged by the 1776 startups and community as a way to facilitate access to expertise and mentorship, and to provide a space for startups to create, innovate and collaborate. It has all the latest Microsoft products from 55-inch Perceptive Pixel touchscreen display to Windows Phone devices. Startups can also use this space to demonstrate their work to customers and investors.

1776 and its campus sit at the center of the D.C. community, serving as a hub of connections, resources and talent for more than 200 local startups. The Innovation Lounge is an area in 1776 that startups can use to work, collaborate, create and play. It features some great technology, such as:

• Microsoft Surfaces, Windows Phone devices, an Xbox One, a Makerbot 3-D printer and a 55-inch Perceptive Pixel touchscreen display

• The latest Microsoft software – such as Windows 8.1, Office 365, Skype, Visual Studio and access to our cloud platforms such as Microsoft Azure and CRM Online

Source: Microsoft

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