Microsoft OneDrive starts recommending users to install Edge

June 5, 2020
Microsoft Edge

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Earlier this year, Microsoft made the new Edge browser generally available to everyone. Since then the company has been aggressive to promote the browser. We have covered in the past how Microsoft has started pushing the new Edge browser through Windows 10 Start Menu, Outlook, Windows Search and when searching for other browsers on Windows 10.

Now the company has taken it a step further and is pushing Edge on OneDrive web. First spotted by Windows Latest, Microsoft is showing a big ad on the top when you open your OneDrive account. The banner ad contains Microsoft’s usual message stating that Edge is faster and better than other web browsers.

The good thing is that the message is not permanent and can be removed by clicking the close button on the top. Microsoft has been pretty aggressive marketing Edge but it’s not the only company doing it. Google has been targeting Edge users specifically and is marketing Chrome as the better alternative to Edge.

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