Microsoft officially releases TypeScript 2.0


22, 2016


Three months ago, Microsoft released the beta for TypeScript 2.0. Today, the company is officially releasing TypeScript 2.0, adding a host of new features and improvements. Microsoft likes to call TypeScript “JavaScript that scales”, providing better performance and scalability for large applications. With TypeScript 2.0, Microsoft is introducing a bunch of exciting new features, including things like non-nullable types, and more:

  • Non-nullable Types
  • Control Flow Analysis for Types
  • Easier Module Declarations
  • Async/await downlevel support
  • Read-only properties
  • Improved typings acquisition

In a blog post, the TypeScript team shared their plans for TypeScript’s future, stating:

Going forward, we will continue to work with our partners and the community to evolve TypeScript’s type system to allow users to further express JavaScript in a statically typed fashion. In addition, we will focus on enhancing the TypeScript language service and set of tooling features so that developer tools become smarter and further boost developer productivity.

TypeScript 2.0 is available right now, and you can download it with Visual Studio 2015 (requires Update 3). However, you can also use npm to install TypeScript 2.0 just by running npm install -g [email protected] 

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