Microsoft Office Team Details Dropbox Integration In Office Apps


4, 2014

Dropbox Office 2
Microsoft today announced a partnership with Dropbox which allows users to access their Office documents when they are stored on Dropbox. If you use OneDrive and Office together, you already know how this Dropbox integration will work.

With the next updates to Word, Excel and PowerPoint on iPhone, iPad and Android Phone, users will be able to connect to their Dropbox account, so they can access, edit and share their Dropbox files right from your Office apps. Once they add their Dropbox account to Word, Excel or PowerPoint, they can navigate folders and files on Dropbox for viewing and editing in the native Office apps. And accessing Word, PowerPoint and Excel from your Dropbox app is just as easy.

Also when users select “edit” while they are viewing their document in Dropbox, the appropriate Office app is offered up for editing. Continue editing, and the apps work together to automatically save your changes back to Dropbox.

Dropbox Office 3 Dropbox Office 1

Source: Office

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