Microsoft offering Windows Mobile Application development tutorials

rampup The first few application developers in the news MarketPlace for Windows Mobile is likely to make quite a few pennies, which should encourage developers to stand in line to get in.

Microsoft would like to help developers to move from desktop to mobile development, and has assembled a series of tutorials it calls Ramp Up to help guide new dev’s:

Mobile development is growing fast, and Windows Mobile is at the forefront with over 18 million phones shipped last year and many more cutting-edge devices on the way. Visual Studio developers have tremendous opportunities in this space. Why? Developing for a Windows Mobile phone leverages your existing coding experience and takes it to new heights. In this track, we’ll go through the fundamentals of building mobile applications. You’ll learn how to set up Visual Studio with the latest SDK and device emulators, and you’ll see how to build, deploy and debug applications. We’ll also explore AJAX capabilities that offer the richness of the desktop for mobile devices.

Topics covered in each session are:

Level 1: Mobile Development Introduction
Level 2: Device Emulators
Level 3: Mobile Windows Forms Development
Level 4: Advanced Mobile Windows Forms Development
Level 5: SQL Server CE Introduction
Level 6: Security and Deployment
Level 7: Mobile Web Development

Sign up at MSDN here.