Microsoft offering their 4 most popular services in a yearly bundle with massive savings


TruTower reports that Microsoft is offering a bundle of their most popular services, including XBOX LIVE, XBOX Music, Office 365 and unlimited Skype calls in a $199 bundle.

Individually the services are worth closer to $300, with Xbox Music Pass costing $9.99 per month,an Office 365 subscription costing $9.99 per month and an Xbox Live subscription costing $59.99 per year.

The Work and Play bundle is can only be obtained via Microsoft retail stores in USA unfortunately, but will provide buyers with 4 different purchase codes which they can use as required, and which would last for a year.

The deal will be available from the 10th November till the 5th January 2015, “while supplies last”, so if you are lucky enough to be close to a Microsoft Store you can now stock up this winter for quite a long time into the future.