Microsoft Now Serving Japanese CRM Online Customers Using Japan Datacenter


9, 2015

Microsoft Dynamics

Microsoft today announced the general availability of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online served from datacenters located in Japan. Dynamics joins Office 365 and Microsoft Azure in offering services from local datacenters in Japan. By the end of March, Dynamics will be available in six global regions with Japan and Australia joining North America, European Union, Asia-Pacific and South America.

What we’re most proud of is the outstanding service we are providing to our customers around the world. With local datacenters, we can better serve customer needs for data residency, providing the trust and reliance they are looking for. This need is paramount, particularly in industries like healthcare, financial services and public sector where regulatory compliance mandates keeping data in country. In addition to providing a modern, high-performance infrastructure that is secure and compliant, delivering the service from local datacenters also delivers all the benefits of the complete Microsoft Cloud—speed to value, flexibility, continuous availability, and the ability to scale up or down based on the business needs of our customers.

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