Opinion: Microsoft should take advantage of Bing’s App Linking to develop a Google Now on Tap competitor


At its annual developer conference, search giant Google showed off a handful of new things that the company has been working on, including Android M (Milkshake?), the new Google Photos service, and much more. To be fair, most of the things on the keynote wasn’t very exciting. However one of the most exciting things revealed at the event was Google Now on Tap.

Google Now on Tap is basically a personal assistant for the whole operating system. So for example, if you open a meeting mail and tap the home button, Google Now will let you set a reminder for that. In the same way, if you receive an SMS about watching a movie, you’ll be able to know more about the movie, as well as the movie times by tapping the home button.

Google hasn’t stopped there – the company will also allow users to search easily using Google Now on Tap. For example, if you’re listening to a song on Spotify, you’ll be able to search about the singer just by saying “Ok Google, who’s the singer” – you can also find out about the singer’s age by saying “Ok Google, what’s his age?”. This is indeed a very nice addition to Google Now.

And Microsoft could do that too.

If you’ve been following Microsoft news closely, you might have noticed that the company recently announced App Linking for Bing. Basically, the app linking will allow websites to open their contents/web pages on their apps from Bing Search Results. Of course, this may not look like a major feature to some of you, but this is a very impressive feature which may help Microsoft to develop services like Google Now on Tap.


Microsoft could possibly take the deep linking even further by indexing the app content, which will allow the company to develop a possible competitor of Now on Tap. It’s worth noting that Microsoft is already doing something like Google Now on Tap on Microsoft Edge with Cortana integration where users can select  text and Ask Cortana about it. Cortana also displays directions and some other info when you visit a business’ site on Microsoft Edge which is also very nice.

However, Microsoft should be looking to take this even further by indexing the app content and integrate Cortana throughout the whole operating system and allow users to search about different things right from an app or website. Another thing I’d like to mention is if Windows manufacturer release laptops with a feature like Apple’s Force Touch, Microsoft could possibly integrate the feature to Windows as well.

Do you think Microsoft should take on Google Now on Tap with its own new feature? Discuss in the comment section below!

Via: BingGoogle

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