Microsoft now has the world’s largest deployment of custom developed FPGAs



Image Credit: Wired
Image Credit: Wired

Back in 2014, Microsoft first announced that they are exploring the possibility of using FPGAs in data centers to accelerate certain tasks for Bing. At Ignite keynote event today, Microsoft said that they have now expanded usage of FPGAs for Azure and Office 365 too. Each group uses FPGAs according to their needs. Azure for example uses FPGAs for faster networking while Office 365 uses it for machine intelligence activities.

Microsoft also said that they are using the world’s largest deployment of custom developed field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs), spanning 15 countries and five continents. These FPGAs could be used to accelerate AI to near real time, making Azure the foundation for the world’s first AI supercomputer.

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