Microsoft now allows you to customize pens for your Surface

Surface-Pro-4-image-8 (Small)

Microsoft’s Surface tablets are some of the most elegant pieces of hardware in years, with great software to boot. And with recently beating Apple in online tablet sales, it may have just found it’s niche in the market. However outside of bugs and software glitches, Surface users have been asking for one particular feature for some time now, the option to customize the button on the Surface pen. Well apparently Microsoft has listened, and now users of the Surface Book and Surface Pro can indeed customize the actions when pressing the button on surface pen.

First off you’ll need the latest version of the Surface App, version 10.0.342.0. Once you make sure that you have the update, you should now be presented with an option to customize the actions of the surface pen button. You can adjust the options for single clicks, double clicks, and press and hold. The features include the ability to open desktop apps, store apps, perform screenshots, and launching Cortana.


Price: Free

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