Microsoft now allows restaurants to easily create a bot that can answer customers’ questions



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Microsoft is introducing a new service called Bing Business Bot which will allow businesses to create a bot for their business that can answer most of their customers’ questions on their behalf. Bing Business Bot is currently open only to restaurants and you can expect Microsoft to open it for other business categories in the coming months. Bing Business Bot features:

  • Automatically answers repeated questions from customers and becomes smarter over time
  • Bot works 24×7 on Bing, Skype and can be embedded on your website
  • Bot helps your customers make faster decisions and drives customers to your business through reservations or ordering (for restaurants)

Also, Microsoft is offering this service completely for free. Microsoft recently started rolling out chatbots on Bing that can help people plan a dinner out. When you search for hotels on Bing, many popular restaurants have bots that you can chat with to know things like if the restaurant has vegetarian options, where you can park and if they accept certain credit cards. After creating a bot for your restaurant using the Bing Business Bot program, your bot will appear on search results as well.

Sign-up for Bing Business Bot program here.

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