Microsoft now allows developers to create Native Ad slots in their apps and games

Starting yesterday, Microsoft is now allowing developers to create Native Ad slots in their Windows apps or games using the latest version of Microsoft Advertising SDK (10.0.4). This will allow developers to create ads with the maximum amount of freedom which will feel native within their apps or games. This is a huge deal for Windows UWP developers as native in-app ads typically see five times greater engagement than traditional banner ads and, hence, leading to increased revenue from ads.

Native Ads is a component-based ad format that gives publishers the flexibility of placing the individual components of a creative – title, image, logo, description, call to action text – so as to provide the best possible fitment to the look and feel of the rest of the app. This enables the developers to use fonts, colors and animations of their own to stitch unobtrusive user experience in their app while earning high yield from advertising.

Native Ad slots is currently available to a limited set of publishers in a closed pilot. Learn about how to create Native Ad slots in your apps or games here.