Microsoft nixes major Zune features in anticipation of Xbox Music

Zune Pass Letter

It seems respect for legacy users is now outmoded at Microsoft, with the Zune team pulling the rug out from under Zune Pass subscribers today by removing many features which may ultimately rob them of purchased content.

In a letter sent to subscribers users are warned that from the 31st they will no longer be able to share songs and use other social features, use Zune HD apps, purchase or stream music videos, and the worst part, will no longer be able to  re-activate previously purchased DRM’ed music videos when users move PCs.

The last item is particularly nefarious, given that this means users will lose access to their purchased content within a year or two or sooner when they upgrade. 

Microsoft is now building up quite a history of abandoning their users with pretty callous disregard for their investments. Such a pattern of behaviour will do nothing to show the world Microsoft and their products are worth their investment in time and effort, which may already be slowing adoption of Microsoft’s new technologies.

In short, investing in legacy support is the same as marketing to future customers also, and may even earn higher dividends.

Via, thanks Manu for the tip.