Microsoft News and Interests sees several improvements with the latest Windows 10 Cumulative Update

by Surur
May 29, 2021
Microsoft Windows 10 Task Bar News Weather

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Microsoft has rolled out a number of improvements to the News and Interests taskbar with the latest Preview Cumulative Updates for Windows 10.

Microsoft Windows 10 Task Bar News Weather

News and interests will allow you to stay up to date on weather conditions in your area. You can hover over the weather icon to see additional details on the weather. Along with the weather, you can get a glimpse of news, sports, stocks and traffic. You can click on a story to get the full information. You can also save news items for later or share it with others.

The update enables the taskbar weather icon on the bottom-right of the taskbar for everyone. If you right-click on the icon, you will see a new “News and Interests” option.  In the new update, it’s now possible to enable or disable the “Open on hover” feature, which should reduce the annoyance factor for many.

It also appears to show improved animations.

The whole experience can be personalized. You can personalize the content that is displayed by managing your interests in the interest manager.

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Microsoft will continue rolling out the improvements to customers over the next several weeks.

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