Microsoft New Zealand aims for 20% of the local smartphone market by 2013

Microsoft’s Mark Bishop predicts big things for Windows Phone.

We have seen all kind of predictions regarding the future market share of Windows Phone 7, and we have also seen recent performance have been rather unexciting.

What we have not seen however is what Microsoft’s own expectation for the OS is.

A report from Top News New Zealand does however shed some light, with Microsoft executive Mark Bishop telling them grabbing  one fifth of the market by 2013 would be feasible.

“Competitors spend a lot of time on (hardware) features for their phones – dual-core, wider screens – and there is value in doing that but you also need to improve the web experience.” Bishop is likely referring the Microsoft’s latest IE9 browser in Mango which bested the other smartphone platforms in HTML5 performance tests.

New Zealand is a small but growing smartphone market, and its likely Bishop’s prediction is close to what the whole company expects for the platform once Nokia comes on board. 20% would be enough to be the 3rd big platform, but as of yet we have not seen enough consumer acceptance to be confident of this.

Read the full report here.