Microsoft Named In The List Of World’s Top 10 Most Innovative Companies Of 2015 In China

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Fast Company today listed the the world’s top 10 most innovative companies in China. Along with Alibaba, Baidu and others, Microsoft was also listed in the Top 10 companies list. Microsoft’s Beijing R&D center with more than 3,500 staff are focusing on lots of technological developments in China.

9. Microsoft

For localizing products and empowering Chinese partners. Outside of Redmond, Washington, Beijing is Microsoft’s biggest R+D center, with more than 3,500 staff focusing on everything including machine learning, haptics, and tailoring products to the Chinese market. Microsoft not only made its Cortana smartphone personal assistant available in Mandarin, but it also added a sassy companion called “Little Ice” whose flirty Chinese banter has proven a hit. Other teams are working on teaching the company’s Kinect motion sensor to watch someone communicating using Chinese sign language—then translate that into Mandarin and other languages. Traffic and air-quality forecasts are other local-focused projects. Besides creating compelling services on its own for Chinese users, Microsoft is pushing hard for partners, boosting bargain tablet makers like Cube and Vido by giving away free Windows licenses for devices under 9 inches. And Microsoft’s Beijing accelerator program is providing financial and technical support to dozens of startups annually.

Source: Fast Company