Microsoft My Phone updated to version 1.6

Microsoft has just announced an update to their successful My Phone smartphone web back-up service, which was recently a finalist at the GSMA 2010 Best Mobile Internet Service.  As usual change logs are scanty on the ground, and we do not know what’s new in version 1.06.22718.001.

Microsoft would however like to remind us that the software allows users to:

1) Quickly update and manage your contacts conveniently from your PC.  You can even add photos to your contacts from your desktop with just a few clicks of your mouse.  Just login to the My Phone website, go to Contacts, and select the contacts that you wish to update.

2) Easily download, upload and share your photos.  Getting pictures on and off your phone can sometimes be a tricky task, but My Phone makes it simple.  Not only can you download Photos from your phone to your PC, but you can also upload photos from your PC to your phone, as well as quickly share photos from your phone or PC with Windows Live, Facebook, MySpace and Flickr.  When you login to My Phone, your most recent Photos are right there on the home page.  Select the photos that you wish to upload, download or share.

3) Use Wi-Fi to sync your content.  My Phone will sync over Wi-Fi when available.  If your phone can connect to the Wi-Fi in your home or office, then you won’t have to worry about cellular data usage.

The next time the software syncs users will be prompted to upgrade.

Have any of our readers noticed anything new? Let us know below.