Microsoft-Motorola patent battle escalate

Microsoft and Motorola have escalated their smartphone patent war, with Microsoft adding 7 new patents to the 9 it was already challenging Motorola with, and Motorola adding 2 to its earlier 17.Motorola filed a new suit in the Western District of Wisconsin over 3 patents and Microsoft made counterclaims in the Southern District of Florida, alleging the infringement of 7 of its patents.

In its new suit, Motorola tries to attack the Kinect and Microsoft asserts not only five patents against Android phones (just like it did before) but also two patents against Motorola set-top boxes with DVR functionality.  Two of the seven patents added by Microsoft cover important touchscreen functionalities originally applied for in connection with "pointing devices" such as a stylus but now appear to cover user interface technologies that are most relevant in connection with touchscreens.

In the past it has been rare for for large companies to go to war over patents, largely due to the the large number of products that are usually infringing on both sides, with most large companies in a Mutually Assured Destruction stand-off.

It seems, due to the new high stakes smartphones game, things have now finally gone nuclear.

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Thanks Zee for the tip