Microsoft Mobile Incubation Week comes to Europe – give them your ideas

IncubationWeek As promised earlier, Microsoft’s Mobile Incubation week is spreading to other countries. The latest announced venue is in London, UK, where the event will be held at Microsoft’s Cardinal Place Office, Victoria, 1st – 5th June.

Like the US version, the event will feature technical and business gurus from Microsoft, technology veterans who have built their own Windows Mobile applications, and influential venture capitalists and industry experts.

They will lead interactive discussions, provide helpful advice, and facilitate actual application development on the Windows Mobile platform. At the end of the week, a winner will be selected who will be eligible for prizes and special PR opportunities. The event is completely free, and each team can bring up to three participants (1 business and 1-2 technical). All start-ups are eligible, whether or not they have a mobile application built today. The only requirement is that the app being developed should be targeted at Windows Mobile 6.1 or 6.5.

Now the last MIB did not, as far as I am concerned, produce any ground-breaking apps.  I think our readers can do much better.  Is there any app our readers feel really should, but is not being developed on Windows Mobile? Why don’t you list your ideas below?

Read more about MIB Europe here.