Microsoft mistakenly releases a ‘test’ Windows update


1, 2015


Recently, Microsoft released a suspicious Windows Update to Windows 7 users. Some think that Windows Update was hacked – however, that’s not the case. The software giant mistakenly released a “test” Windows Update to Windows 7 users which weighed in at 4.3MB and it was rated as an important update, too.

For those wondering, the update was gYxseNjwafVPfgsoHnzLblmmAxZUiOnGcchqEAEwjyxwjUIfpXfJQcdLapTmFaqHGCFsdvpLarmPJLOZYMEILGNIPwNOgEazuBVJcyVjBRL. Yep, that’s pretty ridiculous, and suspicious as well.

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