Microsoft may be working on a new display technology for its Foldable Surface PCs


11, 2019

Codenamed Centaurus, Microsoft is rumored to launch their first foldable Surface device by the end of next year and while we haven’t heard anything from Microsoft about the existence of such device, the company kept on filing several patents, which in turn led to people thinking that Surface foldable PC is on the cards. Either way, Microsoft filed yet another patent for its foldable Surface device.

This isn’t a sketch of a foldable Surface device. We’re talking about a display technology that is designed particularly for the foldable Surface PCs. The new display technology aims to solve display graphics quality problems on the foldable device( via WindowsLatest). The goal is to achieve smooth graphics under all lighting conditions without gaps or distortion when the device lies flat, and in order to do that Microsoft to generate a single colorimetric value, which in turn will be possible by using multiple calibrated ambient color sensor measurements.

It’ll also be able to spot an anomaly in the color measurement, and will be able to take effective measure to address the anomaly.

Here is how Microsoft explained the new display technology in the patent:

The proximity sensor is configured to detect the presence of nearby objects without physical contact. For example, the proximity sensor may be used to detect the presence and/or proximity of a user of the electronic device, and/or may be used to detect the presence and/or proximity of an object that obstructs receipt of the ambient light. The first opening, second opening, and/or third opening may each have a circular shape, a square shape, a shape with curved and/or straight edges, or any other suitable shape. The first opening, second opening, and/or third opening may be combined, such as to provide a single opening for multiple sensors.

It’s worth noting that we’re talking about a patent, meaning that the likelihood of the new display technology not hitting the mainstream market is quite high and hence you should always take patens with a grain of salt.

Do you want Microsoft to pack this new display technology in the upcoming foldable Surface device? Let us know in the comments below.

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