Microsoft makes top 10 list of most admired companies


10, 2011

The way Microsoft is covered in the media one may think the company has about as much credibility as a fumbling buffoon.

According to Fortune and CNN Money however, top business people disagree, rating the company as one of the leaders in innovation, and in encouraging and performing new business ideas.

Seeking Alpha notes about Microsoft:

With amazing products rolling out every year like Xbox Kinect, Windows Phone 7, Bing and Windows 7, Microsoft gets one of the best ratings from CEOs. Microsoft has a low P/E ratio of 11.10, and it supports a forward P/E ratio of 9.49. Microsoft had an EPS growth of 13.34% over the last five years. Microsoft is an immensely profitable company with a net profit margin of 30.8%. Given the current price of $26, Microsoft is dirt cheap. We expect the stock to beat the market with a large margin.

Likely this will do little until Microsoft delivers product upon product that wow a sceptical media, but that might just be in the offing with the Windows 8 push.

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