Microsoft: Majority of Azure infrastructure has already been updated to address Intel CPU vulnerability

A hardware-based security vulnerability was disclosed yesterday affecting most of the recent Intel processors. Microsoft has already released an out of band security patch for Windows devices to address the issue. Apart from client devices, this vulnerability also affects cloud computing platforms. Microsoft’s Azure team is taking active steps to ensure that no Azure customer is exposed to these vulnerabilities. In fact, the majority of Azure infrastructure has already been updated to address this vulnerability.

While updating to fix this issue, Microsoft maintained its SLA commitments of Availability Sets, VM Scale Sets, and Cloud Services. If you are an Azure customer, you can check out the status of your VMs and if the reboot completed within the Azure Service Health Planned Maintenance Section in the Azure Portal.

Microsoft also highlighted that most Azure customers will not see a noticeable performance impact after this update since Microsoft has optimized the CPU and disk I/O path. Some customers may experience some networking performance impact and they can negate it by using Azure Accelerated Networking (Windows, Linux). Accelerated Networking is available for free to all Azure customers.

Source: Microsoft