Microsoft Lync – Formerly known as Office Communications Server 14

My Colleague Surur posted an article yesterday about job offer at Microsoft for an individual to help in bringing Microsoft Lync – formerly know as Office Communications Sever 14 (on the pc) to WP7. Since this software is mainly used in the enterprise, a good number of our readers may have never had the privilege to see it in action. Well, during the TechEd conference 2010, they demoed the new features for the application. I have embedded the video below so that our readers can see the great possibilities that this app will bring to WP7. It is in essence Windows Live Messenger on Steroids and a formidable competitor to Google Voice. has a summary of the features for Microsoft Lync which include…

  • Location services integration – users location can be auto detected from the subnet where the user is wired or the nearest wireless access point. Users can also set custom locations.
  • Activity feeds – Users can update their status and have the status displayed in the contact list.
  • Dial Pad – Option to use dial pad interface for calls. Users can dial by name or click to call others from their contact lists. Voicemail messages are also available from the dialing tab.
  • Voice Mail improvements – Voice mail is now recorded and transcribed to text in real time.
  • Device Selection – Users can select their audio device directly from the Microsoft Communicator interface
  • Simultaneous Ring – Users can forward inbound calls to specific numbers, straight to voice mail or ring at multiple numbers simultaneously.
  • Contextual calls in real time – Users can enter a subject immediately before placing a call allowing recipients to see the call subject
  • Contact card changes- Newly designed contact card with just the basics similar to Outlook 2010 and an extended card to display full information from Active Directory.

You can read here and here for more details about the software.