Microsoft looking to take the reins, but Dell objects

American multinational computer technology corporation Dell is considering taking the company off the publicly traded stock market, however if Microsoft is going to invest in Dell’s privatisation, Tony Redmond wants to have a say in the company’s future decisions. However, whilst this seems to be a reasonable approach for a billion pound investor it seems that dell isn’t too happy with this idea and it appears to be holding up negotiations.

A current arrangement includes almost 16% of founder Michael Dell’s stake in his company, Silver Lake Partners as well as Microsoft with $15 billion worth of debt financing from various banks. However given the razor thin margins of PC OEM’s, clearly Microsoft is after Dell for more than simply profit, making a measure of control essential. Wall Street Journal reports that despite these hiccups, the deal is still on track to go through and maybe announce in a matter of days.

What do our readers expect from a Dell-Microsoft marriage?


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